Some people will go their whole life never really discovering what their true passion is.  Had I never bought my first camera in 2011, I too would have been right along side with said folks. 

In a nutshell, my life isn't documented.  From the time I was born until about 25, there is only a handful of images of me. As a father, I wanted to give my girls what I didn't have growing up, which was pictures.  The sole purpose for buying a camera was to just get one good picture of my daughters.  That's it!

Truth is, I never really wanted to be a wedding photographer.  Photography was only  a hobby that later turned into a passion.  That passion later led me to start shooting 1hr sessions.  Those hour long session became too short so now I wanted to shoot all day.  How would I be able to get out the house all day and shoot... that's it... "I can shoot weddings!" lol  

As strange as it may sound, I still didn't want to be a wedding photographer, I just wanted to assist and carry bags.  I thought it would be cool to reach out to several wedding photographers and ask them if they needed help.  It wasn't until NONE of them ever replied to my emails or voicemails that I said:

"NOW I want to be a wedding photographer!"


and the rest is history...

On January 4th, 2014, I held a good thought, I jumped off the cliff and hoped that my parachute would open!

I left a successful 12yr Human Resources career to become a full time wedding photographer.  I left a good salary, tremendous benefits and that security blanket of having a steady paycheck every week. All that to pursue a curiosity, a dream... a passion. 

"I need to figure out what everyone else is doing and I need to run the opposite way!" I kept telling myself.  Then there it was, one day I came across what proved to be the best piece of advice I ever read,  "Nobody gives a shit about your pretty pictures of they cannot relate to them!"  THAT'S IT, the "oh shit" moment I was looking for!!

I would now start capturing real life moments!  I would market my work with meaninful stories behind them.   I was going to capture and tell you real life stories of joys, sorrows, milestones and heartbreaks!  REAL LIFE SHIT, not just a pretty picture.

Over 4yrs later, I've had the honor and privelge to have captured those special, real life moments in more than 300 weddings.  From inquiry, to client to friends for life!!  

I'm living a dream, DON'T WAKE ME UP!

© 2019 Rick Davila Photography