I had stumbled across what became my passion and what brought me smiles.”
GPV_7574Hi I’m Rick and I now live in a household full of girls!  Yes, that’s right.  My wife and 2 beautiful daughters, Brooklyn and Alessandra.  A sports nut who bleeds blue, red and green [Cowboys, Rangers & Mavs] now find myself with painted toe nails and wearing tiaras.  I enjoy secretly reaching for a fake flask and spiking the pretend tea I’m sometimes forced to sip out of a tiny cup.  “Make sure you stick your pinky out daddy!”  And if that wasn’t enough, you can find me from time to time editing photos, responding to emails and taking phone calls all while sporting trensitas. [small pony tails].  Yep, that’s what a 6 and 4 year old will do to you.

As the story goes….

It’s funny how inspiration will strike in the most unexpected moments.  Shortly after purchasing our first home, it was time to move in and unpack.  A small car load, mainly filled with clothes still on their hangers and I was done… with my stuff that is!  Several U-haul truckloads later,  lower back pain that rivaled the pain of a broken arm, and I was still trying to get her stuff in.  Among said belongings of her were 4 huge totes full of family albums and loose pictures.  These were all pictures of my wife.  Baby pictures, Toddler pictures, School pictures, Teenage pictures … on and on!  Tons and tons of them and each had a cool story behind them.  How cool that her life is vividly documented through pictures, I kept thinking.  I shamelessly looked over at my prize possession shoebox that contained a few random items like an old drivers license, a couple of  old birthday cards and only 7 pictures of me.  That was it!  My whole life was documented in just a mere 7 pictures.  We didn’t have children at the time but I knew then that every detail of my children’s life would be documented.

So in anticipation of Brooklyn’s birth, I bought my first DSLR camera in 2006.  These were the golden years of digital cameras as they were getting smaller and smaller with higher pixel counts and here I was, going against the grain and toting around my big ass DSLR camera around everywhere.  I didn’t care, I was on a mission to document Brooklyn’s every move.  One camera led to another.  One lens led to another.  It became like crack, or in my case, like Red Bull!  I was hooked.  Crop sensors became full sensors, kit lens became 1.2 primes.  I had gone all in.  I had stumbled across what became my passion and what brought me smiles.  I became a documenting fool!  I documented everything from birthday parties, sporting events, tailgating events, family dinner at Chili’s, trips to the grocery store… everything!  Spending tons of hours reading and studying light,  I had developed an eye that started seeing people in a whole different way.  One little gig lead to another, to another… to damn I love this!

So now that you’ve made it this far.. Feel free to comment below or if you’re interested in getting in front of my camera and documenting a time in your life, shoot me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.

Rick Davila – Regular Dude






  • January 4, 2014 - 1:55 am

    Natalie Vidal - From one photog to another – So happy for you! Love love love your work! May be calling you to get some images done on an idea I have.. :) Congrats!ReplyCancel

  • June 24, 2015 - 4:50 am

    Sergio Martinez - Hello Rick,

    I’d like the opportunity to learn from you on your Tuesday course. If there is any available space please let me know.

    thanks again

    sergio martinezReplyCancel

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