Introducing a new VLOG series

VLOG #1  “MAKE it till you MAKE it”

In a nutshell, I’ve been entrusted with one of the the most important days of their life!   To capture those beautiful moments.  To freeze time!

Erick and Fabiola (7 of 30)

3 generations. Priceless moment!

Erick and Fabiola (8 of 30)

Handing mom her shoes.

We as artists have only TWO CHOICES.  We can either Make these images or Make excuses!  That’s it!  There’s no way around it.
Erick and Fabiola (5 of 30)I’ve had the honor and privilege to have met many super talented, up and coming photographers.  Their fears and challenges aren’t unique, in fact they’re just telling my story!  In my early stages I kept telling myself “I need to shoot million dollar weddings to get some badass shit!!”  “THOSE photographers only shoot the best locations! That’s why their images are badass!”  [Lowkey hating! lol]

Erick and Fabiola (4 of 30)I couldn’t of been more wrong!!!  It wasn’t until I discovered the phrase “There’s a big difference between TAKING a shot and MAKING a shot!”  Creating something out of nothing!

No more “fake it till you make it”…. the times have changed!!  It’s now “MAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!” Erick and Fabiola (11 of 30)Y’all check out my first VLOG.  A behind the scenes look at how the wedding went down and how these images were created.  It you liked it, hit that LIKE and SHARE.  Por fa.:)