THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!! – It’s called R E S P E C T

The following is a nice public service announcement…. this from the dude who lives with his camera glued to his right eye all day on Saturdays. [lol]

In all seriousness, within the last few months I got a chance to witness some milestones in my little girls life.  Both did their first communion, both had piano recitals, both had folklorico recitals and one got baptised.  I witnessed every single moment with MY OWN EYES!!!  Not one single moment of these important events was witnessed through the back of a screen!


So many times I see this!!!!!!!  A guest at the event rolled video of the ENTIRE event on their cell phone or iPad!!  Listen very carefully to what you’re about to read:

You were invited to the ceremony for a reason… Because you are special to the couple getting married.  They have requested your presence to witness this special moment… and YOU, you just spent the entire time hidden behind an electronic device.  You witness their moment through a screen.  Seriously, give your loved ones the gift of your presence, please put down your cell phone.


Man, look.. I get it!  I get that we all want that picture of your cousin, your sister, your friend walking down the isle with her dad.  We all want that picture of their first kiss.  I get it.  Think about this the next time you attend a wedding:

Your cousin, sister or friend chose this venue for a reason.  She picked this specific church or venue because of it’s sentimental meaning, it’s beautiful mid century architecture of the church or it’s beautiful outdoor scenery.  As her photographer, I have been entrusted to not only capture her coming down the isle with her father, but to also capture the beautiful surroundings of said venue or church by shooting wide shots.  WOULD YOU WANT YOUR WEDDING PICTURES RUINED WITH CELLS PHONES GLUED TO HANDS STICKING OUT IN THE AISLE?   [Something to think about next time you attend a wedding!:)]


Back in the days, we played outside man, not online.  Our parents called us by our names, not on the phones.. and Michael Salgado got on stage, we would look for a girl to dance with… not record his ass for 1hr straight.  Damn, you know you’re old when you start sounding like your dad! [smh hahaha]
2017-08-02_0003Seriously though, I would have been hating myself had I not witnessed those special moments of my daughters with my own eyes.  Those are memories that will for ever be engrained in my head.  I got to see when my little ones se percinaron!!  I got to see when Father Ed [of Santa Cecilia] poured holy water on my baby’s head during her baptism.   THAT’S PRICELESS!!!!

That got damn cell phone already replaced your calendar, your camera and your alarm clock.  Don’t let it replace those LIVE moments spent with your friends and family.  Life is too short man, put down your phone and enjoy life today because ………. tomorrow isn’t promised.

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