Family Heirlooms

I never met Guadalupe Davila.  I never met Pedro Pacheco.  They never hugged me, never took me to the store to get me candy.   They never knew about me.

Guadalupe Davila is my grandfather.  Truth is, my dad never really knew him either.  Grandpa was murdered in 1959 when my father was 3yrs old.   Pedro Pacheco was my other grandfather.  My mother doesn’t have many memories of him either.  Grandpa Pedro died at age 34, my mother was only 11yrs old.  He was a coal miner and died of collapsed lungs.  2017-03-27_0003So why am I telling you this?  I no longer have anyone of my four grandparents.  Guadalupe, Brijidad, Pedro and Juaquina, que en paz descansen, ya se me fueron al cielo.

Every Saturday, I get to spend a full day with new families.  I can’t tell you how awesome that feels to see all one family come together for one day.  It’s a crazy feeling when the grandparents are there present and enjoying themselves too.  But the good feelings come the bad.  We all want what we don’t have…..

I don’t have any pictures with anyone of my 4 grandparents.

2017-03-27_0002 The last two events that I did, I got a chance to take a 4 generation image.  This is Zoe [Quinceañera], with her mom, her grandmother and her great grandmother.
2017-03-27_0001This is Eunice [bride] with her daughter, her mother and grandmother.  These are two images that will become family heirlooms.  Can’t tell you how honored that makes me feel.

I’ll share one more image with you….

2017-03-27_0004That’s Pepe and Roda.. mis primos hermanos.  They live in Wisconsin.  Last October I got a chance to go see the Dallas Cowboys play in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Via the power of social media, I reached out to both and asked them to please join me.

The last time we had seen each other was 24yrs ago when we were kids.  [Getting a little choked up just typing this]
As I saw them turn the corner I ran up to them, jumped on them and hugged them.  It was like hugging my brothers!!  It’s so crazy how those feelings you had as little kids, playing with your cousins all come back to you at once.

I took a step back and told them both… “We can’t do this shit again!  There is no reason why we should not see each other.  Somos primos hermanos cabrones!”

I can’t tell you how awesome it is that I have this images of us 3.  Friends, girlfriends, boyfriends…. They all come and go but….


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