Enchilame Otra – What??

My client said “I’m sure que no es de enchilame otra!”  HAHAHAHAHAHA

My dad says the funniest things y’all, I swear! lol The first time I heard him say this was many years ago when I got my first car (93 Nissan Maxima) and I asked him if he could change my car brakes, “por que ya se estan fregando!” I told him! “Tas loco! No es de enchilame otra!”  [lol]2016-08-30_0001

Hasta la fecha, every time he tells me that, I bust out laughing! WTH is “enchilame otra!” lol!! A que fregados quiere que le eche chile?! hahahahaha
Man, I’m sure the meaning is very subjective if we just isolate the phrase by itself but once you throw in all the context clues, I think he’s trying to tell me that “It’s not as easy as it looks!”


I got inspired to write this post late last week after meeting with a client.  After she booked me, we got to talking more on a personal basis.  She said “I met with xxxxxxxxx [another photographer] before I met with you. I wanted to be upfront with him and told him I would be meeting with you next.  What turned me off about xxxxxxxx is that he kept saying “Anybody can do what Rick does.”


After being completely honest with her and telling her that “He’s right, anybody can do what I do.” She said “I’m sure que no es de enchilame otra!” [OMG!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA]  I told her that only my dad says that!!! You already know we hit it off just perfect!!


Moral of this post:
You can do anything you put your mind to.  This local photographer who believes that anybody can do what I do is absolutely, 100% correct!!!…. except he failed to finish his thought.  This is probably what he meant to say:
“Anybody can do what Rick does if you work 16-18hrs a day, 7 days a week, study your ass off, actually go out and apply it and adhere to rule #1….. rule #1 is don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks!”  Truth is, you can even offer workshops and mentor up and coming photographers if you put a little effort to it.  No one ever handed me anything and I never had “la mesa servida”.

Como dice me dad… “No es nomas de enchilame otra!”  LOL!!!!!

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