I’m Sorry Tony!!!

They say the truth will set you free….so here it is.  Got da mn it.. it’s all my fault!!  WHY did I ever buy this jersey!!!!!


I never saw Rodger Staubach play.  I vaguely remember Danny White.  My era was the early 90’s and THE GREAT Troy Aikman.  After suffering for more than 10yrs after Aikman left, along came Tony Romo!!!  Yup, you guessed it.. the homie quickly became my favorite player of this recent era.


You see, I’ve never been the jersey wearing type dude.  Not sure why.  Instead I would opt for the Cowboys’ Tshirt or polo shirt with the star logo on it.  Like most folks, I love wearing my Cowboys’ gear on Sunday, but if the tshirt or polo shirt were dirty and unavailable (such was the case in the above picture! lol) then a nice blue button up shirt would do.  Again, I’ve never owned a major sports team jersey.

Well…. that is until halfway through the 2015 season.  I was a Champs Sports, pointed at it and told the homie working there “Can you bring down a Medium Romo jersey, please”  Didn’t even go into a dressing room to try it on.  Just pulled it over the Tshirt I was wearing, right then and there and bam… “Ring me up playa!”   Two hours later I was wearing it.  Three hours later Tony Romo was on his back with a broken clavicle bone!  (insert that crying emoji here!)


THERE I SAID IT… I’M SORRY!!!!!!!  I’m solely responsible for his demise.  I have been feeling so bad about this ever since.  If there’s a silver lining to all of this, I’ve taken a little comfort in knowing that because of me, along came Dak!:) He’s got this city and the whole Cowboys’ nation going ape S right now!!  No, don’t worry, I won’t be buying the Dak Prestcott jersey anytime soon.  …………
On the other hand, I just ordered the ZEKE jersey! [da mn it] I’m thinking about returning it!  PLEASE pray for me!!!  SMH!!!  [Padre nuestro que estas en el cielo,…………]