We lost one of ours!! || Don Mario Almada

It’s not material things that shape who you are as a person…

It’s the time spent with family, but most importantly, it’s the traditions and culture that are passed down to you as a kid, when spending time with family.

To describe someone as a legend is very common place now a days. The term “he/she was a legend” is thrown out there very loosely. NAW, NOT with this dude. If there was ever 1 single person that embodied what the meaning of legend is… Es el Señoron, Don Mario Almada.


Nombre [smh].. it seems like every other day, we lose one. One who played a key role in our lives, whether he knew it or not.

When resources are limited, [politically correct way to say that we were poor AF!! lol] you don’t get to do things like go out to eat on Friday nights or go to the movies. Entertainment budget is almost zero! My pops would find ways to stretch out that budget.. ALL THE TIME!! Many, MANY weekends were spent glued in front of the TV watching movies!

Not just any movies… naw, my pops would come home with about 8 movies at a time. Comedies de Luis de Alva (El Pirruris), Alfonso Zayas, El Caballo, El Enano Tun Tun… All them!! LMAO!!! Pero no faltaban las de los Almadas! “A cual rentaste?”, 5yr old me would ask. “Unas bien perronas de los Almadas!” he’d always tell us! LOL!!


Mario and Fernando Almada were the main characters…. Maaan, I don’t have to tell you this. You already know the premise of all their movies!! HAHAHA The fact that 2 brothers were in the same movie kicking ass resonated so much with my older brother Carlos and I!! We’re a year and 10 months apart and have always had each other’s back just like they did!

In summary, my appreciation for my culture has a lot to do with the time spent with my parents and my older brother glued in front of the TV every single weekend watching movies. This man [Mario Almada] probably had an idea but I bet he never knew the magnitude of his impact to a lot of lives.

Gracias Don Mario Almada por su arte cinematográfico! Que Diosito lo tenga en su Santa Gloria!!