Vacation Stories – Fiji 2016

I went on vacation y’all!!!

I went to a ridiculously beautiful place but then I left confused AF!!!  I left thinking  “Would I trade the little that I have now, for this?!!” 2016-08-18_0003


Ok, so I hopped on a plane 2 months ago and got a chance to travel a top 5 beach destination in the world. (Fiji Islands in the South Pacific) Oh Shhhht…. there are just no words!  I can’t describe how incredibly beautiful this place is.  Words and pictures just don’t do it justice.   Perfect weather, crystal clear water as far as the eye can see, ridiculous sunsets…. and the local hospitality, nombre [smh], just genuine as can be!!

Check these pictures out!

2016-08-18_0002I wanted to do my vacation justice, so in typical fashion… I took all kinds of cameras! lol  GoPros, Dslr’s, multiple lenses … heck, even my drone was stuffed into the luggage!! lol

2016-08-18_00012016-08-18_00042016-08-18_00052016-08-18_00062016-08-18_0007Ok, so as beautiful as this scenery is, like everything else… there is another side to Fiji.  One of the things I enjoy doing when traveling to a different part of the world is going to visit the locals.  I love seeing how other human beings, who share this same Earth as you and I, live!

With that being said… Ever have a life changing experience that just knocks you back on your ass and makes you realize just how ridicously privileged our lives are!?  When was the last time you were thankful for running water, a fresh pair of socks or even a dang watch on your wrist!?

OHHH MY!!!  We got the rare privelege to visit one of the local villages in the remote jungles of Fiji.


We visited a village called SanaSana.  The village was ruled by “The Chief” who’s house [straw roof’d cottage] was right in the middle, surrounded by about 15 other “houses”.   This particular day we went, the Chief was doing what the Chief usually does… Sleep for about 14hrs a day.  lol2016-08-18_0016Overall, we got to walk around the village.  We were greeted with open arms and were invited to sit down with them and enjoy a nice little drink!  It’s a plant root called Kava mixed in [dirty] water!! [if I had to guess what dog isssh tasted like, this would probably be it!! lol]  Nonetheless,  as a sign of respect, we obliged and drank it! 2016-08-18_0013Once we were done with the festivities… [disque festivities! lol]  I asked if it’d be ok with them if I flew my drone over their village.  Instantly question marks started to pop up above their head!!  They had no idea what a drone was or what it did!  I said “here let me show you!”

As long as I live, I will never forget the the reaction as they saw it fly away!  The expression in their faces as they saw an aerial shot of their village for the very first time in their life… through the small screen of an iPhone!   I will never forget the look on the children’s faces as they got a chance to record themselves with my GoPro.2016-08-18_00082016-08-18_0012So here we were… in what is regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of the world enjoying a day with local Fijians!  We found ourselves deep in the jungle experiencing a day in their life.  The gear I had with me that day was worth more than all their possessions.  There was no electricity which means no TV, no Radios!  There was no running water!  No Furniture…nothing!   Just 4 walls, a straw roof, and some woven blankets on the ground.   As miserable as that may sound to us, the people of SanaSana are probably the MOST happy human beings I have ever had the honor to meet!! 2016-08-18_0011I left the village CONFUSED AF!!!!  If we have “EVERYTHING” and they have “NOTHING”, why are they so happy!  How can one live like this?  How can somebody go their whole life and not know what it is to wear a fresh pair of socks!??   I kept asking myself… “If was reborn all over again… would I trade the little that I have now to live like this?…..You bet your ass I would!!

If you think Sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the Rain!!


*** Thank you all for taking the time to check out my travel story.  I really do enjoy sharing my personal life with you.  Knowing that I put a smile on someone’s face is food for my soul.  If this did a little something for you, please let me know over on my FB page!  ***