El Ultimo Cadete – Mis Respetos

I don’t remember much of the stuff my parents bought me as a kid. We grew up financially under the poverty line so it wasn’t much. What sticks vividly in my mind is the time we spent together!  We would visit our family down in Monterrey, Mx about 4-5 times a year. What should have taken no more than 10hrs to get there, would always take us about 14hrs because for some reason or another my dad hated going thru Laredo. He instead would take the scenic route through Rio Grande City, TX!

[what a beating! hahahaha]

Pops drove a cream/yellowish station wagon with no AC! Don’t act like you’ve never driven down to Mexico in the summer with no AC!! [lol] But yea… no AC, windows rolled 1/4 down with hot air hitting you directly in the face. As crazy as that sounds now a days, we didn’t know any better….. and love it!!

The radio didn’t work because ol’faithful, the station wagon was missing the antenna. “Pinches gwercos, se robaron mi antenna.” he’d always tell us when he would get tired of playing his only 2 cassettes. Side A and B on both! lol
Pops owned 2 tapes. “Puro Exitos” from La Tropa Colombiana. My younger sister was named Tanya after one of La Tropa Colombiana’s song Las Chiquillas. [She’s going to hate me for telling it! hahahahaha!! Love ya sis!]

His other cassette he owned was Los Cadetes de Linares –15 Boleros de Oro If we had a dollar for every time this tape got played, nombre…[smh] we’d be super rich now. This is the cassette that got most of the air time. That 14hr road trip was consumed with about 10hrs of Cadetes. [lol] So there was 7yrs old Carlos [my older brother] and 5yr old me in the back of station wagon singing along and reciting every single word!! To look back now and to really pay attention to the lyrics… hahahahaha Why in the world was Necio, Necio Morire my favorite song??! hahaha

To tell you that Los Cadetes de Linares is my favorite grupo Mexicano is an understatement! To tell you that Cadetes music runs through my veins is not doing my passion for this group justice. Even as I’m typing this right now, and Cadetes is playing in the background ….. nombre eyes are starting to get sweaty because of what I’m about to type.

Just a couple of weeks ago, on July 5th I learned of the untimely passing of el señor Lupe Tijerina. El Ulitmo Cadete as he was known. Back in the late 60’s early 70’s, two homies got together and formed Los Cadetes de Linares, Homero Guerrero & Lupe Tijerina. Homero passed in a tragic car accident in the early 80’s. Don Lupe continued on kept the Cadetes legacy going. Throughout the years, they’ve made many stops here in Dallas. I’ve lost count on how many times I had the honor to be in the same room/venue with Don Lupe Tijerina and sus Cadetes de Linares. So ya te imaginas…his passing just a few weeks ago cut me deep!

It’s not stuff that my parents bought me or didn’t buy me that made me who I am. It’s my time spent with family that molded me into who I am and gave me the greatest appreciation for my roots and culture. It’s the carne asasdas outside in Monterrey on a cold December winter right around Christmas time. It’s the long road trips we spent together, laughing and mad at each other in the back of the station wagon. It’s seeing my dad get home from work tired af and cracking open a beer. All these childhood memories have one thing in common….
Los Cadetes de Linares were playing in the background!

Don Lupe Tijerina… GRACIAS!

Que Dios lo tenga en su santa gloria!